Magnus Hammar

Founder & Senior Consultant

Magnus has an MBA with a background in sales and marketing.

After 10 years as an account manager & account director with the same company, Magnus was made responsible for the negotiation and purchase of the Nordic region's leading media security. With his extensive knowledge of how a salesperson thinks and what huge value a customer has, Magnus made a large number of very efficient negotiations that led to huge savings for the company.

That's when the idea for Purchase Partner was born; to save money for businesses and organizations by lowering their fixed and variable office costs.

Purchase Partners Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with extensive experience in marketing and communications, digital strategy, the establishment of companies, business administration and certain supplier areas.

Magnus Hammar is also involved in various venture capital companies and a few start-up ventures in digital technology development. Magnus also conducts quite a few international purchasing assignments.

In 2014 FörhandlingPartner was founded, which in January 2015 opened its first branch in Umeå in the northern part of Sweden.

Purchase Partners is based in Stockholm but work across the Nordic and European region.

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Birgitta Wetterlind

Senior Consultant

Birgitta holds a master's degree in Business Economics from Stockholm University and has over 15 years of experience in Marketing and Communication. For the past 13 years, she has worked as Marketing Manager in the camera industry and has experience in purchasing and negotiating media, PR, market research, events and other market-related areas. Birgitta also has a German student degree from the German School in Stockholm and speaks fluent German and English.

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Kristian Olausson

Senior Consultant

Kristian has a Master of Science in Management Consultancy from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School in Dublin, Ireland. He has been working as a management consultant for the past five years and has experience from various industries such as retail, pharmaceutical, public sector, building and manfacturing companies. Kristian has also been working as a consultant manager during the past two years. 

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Tomas Andersson


Senior Consultant

Tomas holds a Master in Economics from Stockholm University and for the  the past 15 years been working as, among other things as a Sales Manager for various companies in Sweden, as well as holding various marketing and development positions in the United States and England.

He has extensive experience and expertise in helping companies and organizations to optimize their results.

Tomas philosophy has always been that a prerequisite for success, regardless of activity and geographic location, is a clear structure and effective cost management.

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Josef Karabash

Senior Consultant

Josef holds a bachelor's degree from the Royal Institute of Technology, and has over 15 years of experience in sales, business development and operations management at an international level.
In addition to his work in Sweden, the greater part of his career has been located abroad, in over 15 countries, of which 10 years in the Netherlands.
The foundation of his work has always included cost consciousness and consultative negotiation techniques. The key to success according to Josef is to be working as an integrated team member with the client and thus achieve participation and understanding for the client's daily priorities.

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Birgitta Olsson

Senior Consultant

Birgitta has many years of experience in marketing and communication at both Swedish and international companies. In her various roles she has worked with procurement for marketing departments in Sweden, Europe and globally. Common to all procurement has been the focus on maximizing cost-effectiveness with retained or better quality. She also has extensive experience in monitoring costs for market activities and ROI, which led to improved results.

Birgitta has worked at the EC, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, Ericsson, Tretorn, Nikon Europe and now recently in the role of General Manager Strategic Global Marketing and Research at Nikon HQ. Many of the jobs have been internationally based in the United States, the Netherlands and Singapore.

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Peter Brandt

Senior Consultant

Peter has 10 years of experience from the financial markets, with many years at one of the most successful Internet brokers in Sweden. He has also been running a family owned business during several years with focus on cost optimization and business development. His overall experiences have given him a wide expertise and knowledge from both the buy and sell side.

Peter’s philosophy is that profits can always be optimized by efficiency, knowledge and good negotiation, but it should never mean sacrificing on quality.

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Anders Bjurstam

Senior Consultant

Anders has a master of science in Business and Administration and has over 20 years experience in business management, business development, and financial management in Sweden and internationally. In recent years he has worked as a consultant specializing in sales, business development and change management and has over the years built up a solid understanding of how the public market works from both the supplier as well as buyers perspective.
Ander's approach is that everything can be developed and improved, not least corporate purchasing operations, which are the basis for good profitability and long term growth.

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Sophia Andersson


Sophia is studying at KTH and supports Purchase Partners consultants with mapping work at an early stage of an assignment. Sophia has studied the technical program in school before starting her studies at KTH in Stockholm.

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Ajit Bakshi

CEO & Senior Consultant 
FörhandlingsPartner Umeå

In 2014 Purchase Partner launched a branch in the Northern part of Sweden called Förhandlingspartner (NegotiationPartner) together with Albelit Business Development AB. 

Read more and contact the CEO Ajit here.

Johan Engstöm

Senior Consultant

Info coming soon.